Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gooooooooaaaallll! Or not.

Part of the fitness/nutrition program Jamie and I are following (The Metabolism Advantage) was a section on goal-setting. It said that there were two main types of goals -- result-oriented and behavior-oriented. It also said each type was essential to making progress in health and in life.

One problem. I have no result-oriented goals I can think of. None.

I used to have results-oriented goals. High GPA in college. Get my MBA. Buy a house. Those big things are done with, and my whole focus now is on behavior.

Here's a sample list of the kinds of things I strive for:
  • Work hard at my job, while being positive and having fun.
  • Love my kids and wife with all my being, even when I don't feel like it.
  • Eat well and exercise.
  • Learn about people. Listen better and pay more attention.
  • Enjoy life. Strive for balance in all things.

There are no results in that list above. It's all behaviors, and I'm totally cool with that. I don't really care whether or not I get a promotion this year... I just want to work hard. I don't care if I develop a rock-hard body with 6% bodyfat... I just want to exercise and eat well because it makes me feel good. I know well enough that I can't control whether my kids become astronauts or window washers... I just want to do my best as a parent.

Some of the self-help gurus may label me lazy or unambitious, and they might be partly right. But mostly I just feel contentment with my life. There are no major hurdles, issues or injustices I have to overcome. I'm just doing my best with each day and letting the results flow naturally. It's a fun place to be.

Personality-type may also come into play here. The stereotypical "Type A" personality is always pushing ahead, and would probably be miserable without goals to strive for. That's not me. In fact, most of the personality tests I've taken have shown me to be a chameleon, or someone who doesn't really fit well into any particular group. I just float from type to type over time.

Perhaps that's why I have no results-oriented goals. I'm not the type of person who forges ahead and overcomes his environment to achieve something. I usually just roll with the environment and let the achievements take care of themselves.

Think of David in the bible. What was he, really? Was he a shepherd, poet, musician, romantic, warrior, king? He was all, of course, and I believe none of them was a charade. He truly was those things, depending on the situation and his stage in life. We all are like that to some degree.

So I'll just keep on truckin' ahead, trying to make sure my daily behaviors are in line with who I want to be. But I really couldn't tell you what results it will lead to, nor do I care to even think about it much.

Houston Miscellany

  • Jack is sick again. Congestion and terrible cough that's keeping him awake. He got more antibiotics today (surprised he hasn't drained the world supply yet) and Jamie will probably sleep with Jack in his room tonight. They have a fold-out thing set up in there they can share. She's a good mom, and will surely be tired tomorrow.
  • I went to Macy's to buy a pair of jeans today (had a gift card from Xmas). I do this approximately every three years, so it's kinda a big deal. I find jeans I like and I wear them 400 times until they develop holes. Then I wear them more until the holes are in places they shouldn't be. Then I relent and buy a new pair. Today I picked out Calvin Klein relaxed fit, which was the only brand that had my size (33/34, which are always tough to find). They were listed at $70, but were 50% off. Good enough deal, I guess. Imagine my surprise when it rang up at the cashier as a price of $7.44. She checked it twice, but that's all it was. So with sales tax I walked out with great jeans for eight bucks. A few dozen more deals like that and I can start a little side business.


~aj~ said...

Is Jack feeling any better yet? Poor guy! That's no fun at all.

I don't know how you kept from buying 5 pairs of jeans at that price. I would not have been able to resist. Maybe that's why Matt doesn't like me to go shopping alone. :)

Redlefty said...

It wasn't self-control; it was just lack of choices.

That one pair was literally the only pair in the whole store that was my size.

For eight bucks a pair, though, maybe he'd be okay with you buying several? :)