Monday, October 22, 2007

You can't hear Jimi

My friend Bob and my other friend Bob have been writing about music lately. Besides those two Bobs, I also have two uncles named Bob. So if you're reading this, and your name is Bob, and you're not one of the four previously mentioned ones, then I can't be your friend. Sorry. I'm just plain full up on Bobs in my life.

Anyway, back to music. They've been posting about what they're listening to, and I'd like to join in. A while ago my wife and kids got me a $15 gift card for iTunes, and it's taken me forever to pick some songs and make myself a CD. I haven't bought music in a long, long time, so it took a while to figure out what I really wanted. I finally did it, with the following results. Looking at it has made me realize that each person's musical tastes are almost like fingerprints. Everybody is different:

1) Smashing Pumpkins -- Rocket
2) Smashing Pumpkins -- Geek U.S.A.
3) Disturbed -- Prayer
4) Disturbed -- Land of Confusion
5) Puddle of Mudd -- Drift and Die
6) Buckcherry -- Everything
7) Linkin Park -- What I've Done
8) Linkin Park -- Shadow of the Day
9) Stone Sour -- Bother
10) Silverchair -- Straight Line

Below is the video to song #10. It's by far the least "Rock"-sounding song on the list, and it's quite a departure from Silverchair's old, crunchy sound I've always loved. The lead singer now looks like some sorta lovechild of Justin Timberlake and Freddie Mercury. If he wasn't married to Natalie Imbruglia (one of the few female singers I truly think is hawt), I'd swear he was a flaming homosexual.

So to sum up that song: it's softer than I usually like, the lead singer is going some weird direction with music, fashion and facial hair, and the lyrics seem to be complete nonsense. Yet I still like it. Go figure.

Let me know what you've been listening to lately.

p.s. -- Bonus points if you know the movie where this post's title came from


Bob Devlin said...

You kids and your loud music. That song is OK, different from the others you selected. And even though he gets some points for being married to Natalie (who is hawt, as you say) any man who dances with his hands abouve his shoulders is more than halfway there.

James W said...

Ok we are no longer twins. I am not sure if I even liked or really know one of those songs. Then again I do not listen to main stream music much

Anonymous said...

I have CDs from Smashing Pumpkins, Disturbed, Linkin Park and Silverchair (although I don't have the new one....yet), so our tastes are still similar.

I believe the post's title is from White Men Can' Jump, although I'm not Googling it to double-check myself.

Bro Matt

Redlefty said...

Bro wins da prize! Shoop da woop!

And Bob, you and I have the same rule about hands above the shoulders. Men should just never go there. Ever. By contrast, if a woman's hands are above her shoulders, the dancing is almost automatically good, no matter what else she does.

James, I'm sad to see our twinship hit a rocky place. Guess this means you won't inherit my music collection when I die from eating peanut butter.

RedWifey said...

The Wilson boys and their random useless movie trivia...

*RW shakes her head*

~aj~ said...

I'd definitely say the musical similarities are still in check for you and Matt. When I was reading the list, I thought I had stumbled across one of his by mistake.

I haven't listened to a new CD in ages. In my car, it's either Queen or Christian radio these days. Not that I don't love to completely rock out every now and then. :)

Bob Barbanes said...

Great music list, Michael! (Well, except for that Buckcherry - have you HEARD "that song" off their latest album. I'm no prude, but it's just offensive. Dreadful.)

Thing about Daniel Johns (lead singer of Silverchair)...doing a quick google search shows that questions about his sexuality go back to 2002 or so, when he was only 18 or 19. A lot of it can be attributed to gays who would like to think that EVERY young, good-looking, blond, brooding, skinny boy is gay. He himself makes *way* too many "jokes" about being gay. And like they say, where there's smoke...

Because remember Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest? Remember how he cut his hair *real* short and started dressing like a leather biker-boy, and we all went, "Uhhh yeaaaaahhhh, that looks pretty gay." And then he came out of the close and admitted that he *was*?

Personally, I think ol' Daniel Johns' marriage to Natalie Imbruglia is a cover (wouldn't be the first - and maybe it's a cover for her). And I don't think he could "walk a straight line" if his life depended on it. Not that it matters. I like the song. Always liked Silverchair, in fact.

(And yes, I have been writing about music too much lately in my supposedly-about-aviation blog. Glad to see it's "catching.")

Redlefty said...

The whole idea of a "cover marriage" just amazes me. We clearly have a long way to go in making people feel comfortable with who they are.

And yes, I've heard "the song" from Buckcherry. It was played on the radio with some major editing, so I hadn't realized what the real words were. Eventually found it on Youtube... whoa. Don't think I'll be downloading that one!

MamaRose said...

Well, I HAVE heard of some of those/'your' Groups, but not any of those songs--I'm still either listening to 'old' CD's--like Bob Segar on my NEW CD PLAYER in my Rodeo OR mainly either 'Oldies' or 'Classic Rock' Stations on my radio--so, I'm not 'up' on anything NEW!!!!!

It's VERY NEAT, though, that Matt not only LIKES some of the SAME MUSIC, still, that you do, but that he KNEW where your Title CAME FROM--WAY TO GO, GUYS!!!!!!!! I've SEEN 'White Men Can't Jump'--HA!!!!!


MamaRose said...

OH, also, a tip: Just in case you wanted to BUY A T-Shirt for any of the 'Bob's' in your life--'WHAT ON EARTH' is a catalog that has a BUNCH, and I mean a BUNCH, of shirts with 'Bob' on them--FUNNY titles--that you can also order online!!!!! Just fyi. Love, Mom

MamaRose said...

OH, HE'S GAY--DEFINITELY--and, the reason I know is because of his SLEEVELESS VEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'THE' THING I judge whether a guy is gay or not is IF YOUR DAD would ever dress/talk/say anything like that--since YOUR DAD is definitely NOT GAY--and he would definitely NOT EVER WEAR a Black SLEEVELESS VEST!!!!!! So, there you go...

Although, I liked the song, especially the BEAT--it would be good to 'Speed WALK' to!!!!!!!!!