Sunday, January 06, 2008


On top of the holiday break, both kids have been sick with stomach bugs. Then our brand new home computer had a complete hard drive failure (we have a one-week wait for a replacement, and all of our data is gone for good). The old computer was more than eight years old, but maybe we should have stretched it a bit further...

I will be posting again tomorrow, with the following topics upcoming:

1) Four biblical views of hell (short summary)
2) My own journey to hell and back
3) True north -- a corny metaphor from my warped mind
4) What I've learned about anger, and my talk with Julian's dad
5) The look of death -- three more YMCA stories
6) Family profiles -- grandparents

See ya again soon!

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~aj~ said...

Sorry about the tummy bugs & computer problems. Hope this week is better for everyone!