Thursday, July 03, 2008

Odds and ends

Time to steal an idea from my sister-in-law and just catch up on some things.

#1 -- My dad's music

I just got a cool package in the mail this week -- two homemade music CDs from my dad. One is a rock mix and the other is Brad Paisley.

I am not a country guy. At all. But I've listened to the Brad Paisley CD twice now and must admit I really like it! He's hilarious and can also really play guitar.

The rock CD is hilarious because I truly am my dad's son. The mix includes everything from Rihanna to The Doobie Brothers, from David Archuletta to Jimi Hendrix.

My brother likes Korn and Sir Mix-a-Lot. We're weird.

Life with a 5-year-old -- recent quotes

Church minister: So you see kids, David didn't need swords, shields, spears or armor to defeat Goliath! All he needed was God!
Samantha: And a slingshot.
Me (quietly to Samantha): Good point.

Me, playing with my son Jack: I'm gonna bonk your head! (I bonk it) I'm gonna bonk your nose! (I do) I'm gonna bonk your shoulder! (done)
Samantha: Bonk his penis!
Me: What?!?
Samantha, quieter, sheepishly: Bonk his penis?
Me: I don't think so.

Possible family addition

It's been a while since I had to put our cats down. We've been petless since, for the first time in our kids' lives, and they've been antsy.

I didn't really think a dog would/could be the next pet. We have several nuances in our home that I saw as limiting factors:

--Small yard and a fence/garage structure that meant the dog would often be loose in the front yard and street area (very low traffic).
--Young, allergic kids (the reason we no longer have cats)
--Hot weather
--Not a lot of time/patience for training a puppy

Earlier this week a lady who works with Jamie's dad mentioned that she rescues dogs and adopts them out. She has a 16-month-old Miniature Schnauzer, male, that she's trying to rehome. So this breed, and this particular dog:

--Won't run away to chase other animals if he gets out into the front yard
--Doesn't shed and is practically hypoallergenic
--Likes to spend most of his time indoors
--Is already pretty well trained, neutered and up-to-date on immunizations
--Is excellent with children (the foster home has a girl Samantha's age)

The lady is bringing him by to "visit" this weekend. We haven't told the kids, so they'll just think she is a friend stopping by, and we won't take the dog unless everything feels right. We'll see what happens!

His story is pretty cool. He was basically abandoned at four months old, and when this lady found him he was very, very sick. Eating his own feces and everything. She cleaned him up and got him healthy, but his spirit was still very terrorized. Every time someone picked him up he peed himself in fear.

Over the past year he has come out of his shell and now loves to play. He still has some timidity and won't make the first move for affection. For instance, if you sit on the couch he may sit on the floor close to you, but he won't jump up there. But if you get down on the floor he knows the game is on and gets very happy.

He sounds sweet, fun and uniquely flawed. He might just fit in around here.

What's on tap -- deep stuff

1. Eastern vs. Western thought -- how we sometimes miss basic points of the bible
2. Free Will, and why I think it may not actually exist
3. Religious people "missing out on the fun", and why I think that's a load


debby said...

free will doesn't exist?!!!!! I'll be waiting to read that...

MamaRose said...

A NEW PUPPY/DOGGIE, MAYBE--how very NEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO GLAD you like Dad's Brad Paisley CD--he still LOVES his/it!!
He IS funny & the music IS catchy!!

We ARE all 'one-of-a-kind'--but, there are quite a few things that you & your brother DO have IN COMMON with your Dad & that's good!

Samantha is GOING to keep EVERYONE 'straight', that's for sure!!!!!!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!

Tell us HOW the doggie's visit turns out--I bet your kids will LOVE him--what's his name????!!!!!

One of the 3 dogs our Vet has is a schnauzer--so, they must be 'good' dogs to have in your home!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I'm interested in the 'free will' one, too--JUST BECAUSE our ALL-KNOWING GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING--what we're going to do/choose, does NOT mean he hasn't GIVEN US THE CHOICE!

IN FACT, for our PRAISE of/for Him to be WORTH something, it MUST be us CHOOSING to do just that!!!!!!!!

That's what I believe, anyway!!!!!
LOVE & MISS YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!! Mom

~aj~ said...

I, for one, am super excited about the possibility of a doggie for your family! Maybe Ozzie can teach him how to cuddle in your lap and he can teach Ozzie how to not snore and eat quietly.

Samantha's observations and sense of humor never cease to impress me.

Bob Barbanes said... got yourselves a schnauzer, eh? Great dogs. And smart? Like you wouldn't believe! He'll make a wonderful addition to the household. Good mouser, too. Splendid choice.

Like the others, I can't wait to read your upcoming posts, especially that one about Christians missing out on some "fun."

FishrCutB8 said...

Bonk his penis???? What are you teaching these kids?

By the way--I'll take the "free will DOES exist" counterpoint...

Hal Johnson said...

As for me, I figure that the dog already has a new home. Your kids will play with him, and that'll be that. Might as well face up to it, you're gonna get a dog.

Hal Johnson said...

Free will doesn't exist. Oh, I see: you'll be directing that post only toward married men. Hee hee.

Don said...

I'm still waiting for your book on "Kids Say the Darnest Things" (your version).
I am really looking forward to your take on those three subjects. You always present a fresh perspective.

Don said...

Michael- Thought you might find the following worth a read in relation to your upcoming thoughts on "free will":

"I am powerless."

"I am able to respond to Christ’s call."

And these two:

"God is in total control."

"I have free will."

"God predestined me."

"I determine my own destiny."


"It’s not my credit I’m going to heaven."

"It’s those peoples’ faults they’re going to hell."

Redlefty said...

Great quotes, Don!

And yes, the doggie is here and he's ours. His name is Mo (for Moses... cuz he's very shy).

He's already got the snuggling thing down. Playtime will take a while longer, it seems. Every time we try to play with him he retreats fearfully. He just needs some time. Or a staff that can turn into a snake...

debby said...

I GET IT! Moses is your evidence that free will does not exist!
Free will is overcome by overwhelming cuteness? Which also explains why Hal complains that married men have no free will, right?

paul maurice martin said...

On free will vs. determinism, I've always thought the reason this debate has been going on since forever is that it just can't be demonstrated one way or another.

Life as we know it is a one-way time machine. There's no going back for a do-over to see if you really could have done anything different.