Saturday, September 13, 2008

Change of plans

So things aren't all that comfy after all -- the temperature has been much higher than initially forecast. They're saying that it will be in the 90s for the next two days, with obviously ultra-high humidity.

We're packing to head out of Houston. Plan is to start out going west where the roads are open and the storm impact was smaller, then head north, through Waco and eventually into Kansas to see my parents.

It's an odd route but a much safer one than trying to go due north or northeast out of Houston. Those areas were hit too hard and probably have road issues.

Power is almost sure to be out for quite a while here, so it's not like we'll drive for a day then find out Samantha has school on Tuesday. I doubt there'll be any school next week at all around here.

The adventure continues!


Debby said...

Drive carefully! Glad you're all okay.

Don said...

If you need a rest stop near Ft. Worth on the way home, let me know. You are welcome in my home. 817-426-9051 or 817-228-5264.

MamaRose said...

HOW VERY NICE, Don to invite our family to YOUR HOME--THANKS--TEXANS ARE GREAT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom