Monday, March 23, 2009

I did it!

A few weeks ago the senior minister at our church told me that he'd be out of town on March 22nd, and he wanted me to preach that day. I said yes. So yesterday, I stood up in front of a few hundred people and delivered a message from my heart. Then after a break for bible class, I did it again (our church has two separate services, because we can't hold all 1,000 members in the auditorium at the same time).

Here's a link to the recording -- please note that some computers can't seem to handle the "audio" or "video" streaming links. But anybody can download the MP3 and listen to it that way.

I can also burn audio discs, or maybe even video DVDs, for anybody who has trouble with the files and would like a copy. I'll sell 'em cheap, I promise...

It sorta shocked me when I noticed that the sermon was almost 40 minutes long. But after further reflection, that's actually pretty efficient for the tale of my spiritual journey. After all, it took 32 years to write.

Grace and peace, dudes. I've been stressed and focused on this sermon above all else for a few weeks, and now that it's over I look forward to returning to our regular programming. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing with me on my journey so far. Any progress I've made, and any good that I've done, is largely due to your influence.

p.s. -- if you only listen to the audio, the two pictures I mention at the end are shown below.

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Roland said...

Well, okay. I'll listen. But if it comes down to "Space is big," I'm going to be very put out.

Tit for Tat said...

Congrats, we all know how challenging and exhilirating public speaking can be.

Don said...

I'm sure you did very well. Looking forward to hearing you.

Steve H. said...

I watched it...Great job! Also good to put a real person to a "blog aqaintance" :)

hard.rox said...

Congratulations, Michael!! I look forward to hearing / seeing the sermon. Can't view it at home, but will give it a try elsewhere.

MamaRose said...

SO GLAD we were able to WATCH/SEE it/YOU right HERE on our COMPUTER--got BOTH the VIDEO & AUDIO--YEA!!!!

And, you DID GREAT--we're SO VERY PROUD OF YOU & the LIFE you've 'led'--so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lord willing, you have a MUCH LONGER ONE, yet to live!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, one thing I noticed IN your sermon was that you said: "THANK GOD" a few times--I 'SAY'/WRITE that a LOT, but not sure I've EVER heard ANYONE EVER 'say' it in a sermon--BUT, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Because EVERYTHING WE HAVE is 'THANKS TO OUR AWESOME GOD'--even your ability to LIVE that/your LIFE & then RELATE it & your CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD to ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--plus, your DAD'S GENES, TOO!!!!!!!!

Although you 'beat' HIS FIRST 12-MINUTE SERMON by a bunch--but, he wasn't trying to relay the MAIN things he'd learned in life!!!!!!!
AND, he only 'had' to DO IT ONCE!
We maybe had 100 or a few more there that day--which was BIG ENOUGH FOR HIM, believe me!!!!!!!!!

And, 'they' say that your FIRST TIME is the HARDEST--so, your NEXT time SHOULD BE MUCH EASIER--including the Prepartion time!!!!!!

By the way--DO YOU REMEMBER?--that you FULFILLED one of my PROPHECIES about you (& your brother)?????--YEP, that ONCE the folks at 'your' church found out you went to HU & that you have like a MINOR in BIBLE STUDIES, that you WOULD BE THE/their Adult Bible Teacher and/or PREACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially ALL THE ONES WE HAVE FROM OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL--really are MISSING the 3 who visited here, recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redlefty said...

Thanks, everybody!

Fun as it was, it's nice to be done at the perfect time, as this week I've been putting in very long hours at the office.

Bob said...

Just watched and listened. This is great and it blessed me incredibly. What kind of feedback have you received?

Thanks for sharing w/ all of us. It was really something special. I am confident you'll be asked again.

Redlefty said...

Thank you, Bob -- I'm glad that it was helpful to you.

Feedback has been supportive and broad, with many different types of comments. Several visitors/outsiders mentioned how much they liked what I said, and there have been a few personal connections with people who have privately battled some of the same issues as me.

~aj~ said...

My apologies for being so late to comment on this post and on your sermon.

I know you've heard it from many, many people, but you just did an outstanding job, Michael. It was a wonderful message that I think applies to ALL of us.

I was blessed by watching it.

Super duper proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

that is really neat Michael!