Sunday, July 19, 2009

This and that

Sermon stuff

My sermon from last Sunday has been posted online -- this link is here and then click on either the audio or video files for July 12 ("Perfect Strangers").

I haven't listened to it all yet but my memory of the experience was very positive. I threw myself into the message and am glad to have done it.

Catchup with family members from vacation (inside jokes and stuff)

Mom, did you read Romans 11 yet? What did you think?

Great, thank you for sharing with me about your near-death experience. It was powerful.

Lisa, seen any deer lately?

Matt, the funny Saturday Night Live video I mentioned (Marky Mark Talks to Animals) is here. It's my kids' favorite right now.

Bob, you have a very cool family. We love spending time with the four of you (plus whichever special guest get to come along) and wish it could be more than a week.

AJ, thank you for all the pictures you took. Because somehow we, like... didn't take any? So we're stealing yours.

Dad, now that Tom Watson almost won the Open today, I fully expect you to recover quickly from whatever swing ailment you had during vacation. You've still got a few years before peaking.

Nonny, Samantha protects her teacup with great vehemence.

Adam, your laugh sounds like Pee Wee Hermann and your ears smell like cauliflower.

Drew, your laugh is contagious and your voice sounds like... well, I'm not sure, because it's usually above my auditory range.

Bonus gifts

An old comedic ploy is to edit songs or movies and turn them into something far different than the original. These are two of my favorite examples:

Jurassic Park -- Hey!

The Darth Vader you never knew

Yes, that last video is nine minutes long, but it makes me laugh more times than most 90-minute comedy films!

Don't worry. My next post will be back to the usual deeper thoughts.


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It was cool seeing you teach! In fact, I got a real lesson in putting a "face" to a situation this week. Like you said, the personal contact or involvement makes all the difference.