Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Third of five -- more hot topics

I figured that since the first two posts went to religion, which is always controversial, we'll move to something easier like politics. Heh.

#3 -- Letter vs. spirit

I doubt God's a Republican or Democrat. I'm sure Jesus was neither since those parties didn't exist, our country didn't exist, and Jesus wasn't recorded to be active politically, which cost him dearly at the hands of all political parties of his day.

So on the letter of the law when it comes to politics, I can't place Jesus in either camp. I think Republicans have it wrong when they say that Jesus is on their side because he's for freedom (he lived in a culture of slavery and his freedom was not of this world). And I think Democrats have it wrong when they say that Jesus would want government to take care of the poor (he said that was up to us).

So forget the letter of the law, let's talk about the spirit. Are Christians people that our society recognizes as reasonable, peaceful and open to political conversations? Outside of the actual content of our discourse, are Christians seen as the types of people willing to extend grace on temporal matters like politics, taxes, etc...?

How we talk about things really is as important as what we say. So even though Jesus isn't a Democrat or Republican, I think I know how he'd talk to a rural farmer, a young minority in prison, an illegal alien or an investment banker.

So that's what I try to do. I fail, of course. Just about every time. But I'm trying!


Logan said...

Love it. Thanks for writing.

Don said...

Politics is by its very nature confrontational. That fact immediately makes dealing with someone on the "other side of the fence" more difficult.

That is why I have chosen to remain neutral in politics. I have experienced what politics does to even my family members, and it saddens me. I wish politics could unite us, but more often than not, it creates dissension or alienation.

Steve H. said...

Since God is an Englishman shouldn't we be asking whether he is Labour or Tory? :)

Welcome back!

Redlefty said...

God is an Englishman? Dang, I've always envisioned a totally different accent at the burning bush.