Sunday, December 05, 2010

The muse departs

No, the ominous title doesn't mean I'm shutting down the blog or anything!

My previously-intended series of writings were being inspired somewhat by seeing what was happening with one of the leaders in my company. Specifically, he was unfortunately the model of what not to do if you want an inspired, effective group of knowledge workers in a 21st Century business. His decisions and his style of leadership were testing me and forcing me to quickly develop a leadership model of my own.

Recently, with no warning, he resigned from the company. A few days later he sold his house and moved out of state. Apparently we won't even be able to speak for a few more weeks while the legal details of his departure are ironed out. Messy.

I'm still working on the big-picture business topics I was thinking about earlier, but now it's not to answer daily crises.

So once again I have been reminded to quit promising a single blog post, let alone a series of posts!

I'm more of a "flow" writer. When it's there, it's fast and easy. When it's not there, forcing it doesn't work.

Be back soon when the flow is there!


Bob said...

Looking forward to it.

Don said...

....with bated breath!

Logan said...

I'm with these guys-I look forward to it!

Steve H. said...

Yep...what they said :)

Debby said...

You've got your own personal cheering section.