Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Heading Out Soon

Well, our little Rita is now up to 175mph winds, with gusts up to 215 mph. That's such a ridiculous number, and impossible to comprehend that it's almost meaningless to me, like 50 light years of distance. All I know is that I don't plan on being here to see what 215 mph winds look like.

We'll be leaving around 4am, hoping that traffic is a little lighter then. If we're lucky we'll make it to our family's house 12 to 15 hours later (usually a 9-hour drive). I took the video camera through the house tonight, capturing our belongings to film, along with commentary on specifics and values. Let's hope that tape is never necessary.

We've told our daugher that we're taking a "fun adventure trip" tomorrow, and she's pretty excited. Let's see how excited she is a 4 o'clock in the morning, hehe.

God be with Texas. I know they do everything bigger here, so I guess I'm not surprised that their long-overdue hurricane might end up being the biggest on record.


hardrox said...


nice blog so far. As i said at JP's, please take every precaution you can to ensure you and your family are safe. At least you'll be closer to you mother-in-law now.

i'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

Redlefty said...

Thanks hardrox; good to know there are others out there pulling for us.