Thursday, September 14, 2006

It just doesn't stop

Jack seems to be feeling well, but now Jamie and Samantha have a stomach bug. Both of them had stomach cramps and the big "D" yesterday, and this morning Samantha began vomiting. She can't keep this up much longer before she gets dehydrated. I'd guess she's thrown up six times in the hour and a half -- we just can't keep anything in her.

I'll be staying home once again. Not that I have any sick days left, but what can you do?


Samantha's vomiting continued most of the day and into the night, and we were able to get a prescription for a heavy-duty medicine to break the cycle. This was a real blessing, as most of the time doctors would insist on seeing us in the ER rather than giving a prescription over the phone. We are very grateful for this solution and hope everyone gets some rest tonight. We still have to take Samantha to the doc tomorrow morning but it sure beats getting an IV in the ER!


hardrox said...

I hope it's just the 24-hr variety stomach bug. Get well girls and keep drinking fluids.

FishrCutB8 said...

Pedialyte is really good. Hydrates, and easy on the stomach.