Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jack

Jack (a.k.a. Jackie-boy and Jack-Jack) turns two today! The other day I found a message I wrote to Jack when he was born. At that point a baby is pretty much a clean slate, and as parents we really don't know what to expect from this person as they grow. That's reflected in what I wrote two years ago:

We pray that Jack will achieve much, but not at the expense of his
humility. That he will have a comfortable life, but not at the expense of
his dependence on God. That he will raise a wonderful family, and learn to
do it while also serving the family of God. Most important, we pray that
heaven will be different (more mansions, more souls, more love) because Jack
lived on Earth.

Now, though, we are starting to get an idea of who Jack really is. He has his own personality, strengths and weaknesses just like the rest of us, and his uniqueness call me to raise him in a different way than I raise Samantha. So for Jack's two-year birthday, here's a new message for him. From a father who is learning about his son, and wants to be nimble and wise enough to give him just the right start in life:

The last two years have revealed so much. Your grasp of language shows me that you will be quick and eloquent of tongue, which can be either an effective tool or a devastating weapon. Our goal is to help you see the power of your words.
Your physical recklessness is evidence of your pure joy in life, yet also tends to put you in harm's way. Our goal is to to keep you safe, while never squashing an ounce of your joy and energy.
Your excellent manners, always displayed without prompting, uncover a heart that is empathetic to others. Our goal is to nurture this, and to tune your ability to pick up on the subtle hints, good and bad, that will help you connect to people.
Your connection to me, and your separation anxiety while we're apart, is a novel and treasured experience. Who knew you'd have a "Daddy's boy" phase? My goal in this time is to be there, to show up, to be 100% connected in return. As your pass in and out of the different phases of life, I will still be here. My goal is to give you that stability and trust that no matter what happens to you, daddy is near.
I love you, son. Happy birthday.

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hard.rox said...

Happy Birthday, Master Jack!!!!

~aj~ said...

You already know I'm a fan of letters and that one was perfect!

Happy Birthday Jack!!

MamaRose said...

What a GREAT 'BD Letter' to Jack Jack--HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, JACK!!!!

Your first one was GOOD, TOO, Bud!

And, you are 'RIGHT ON' about Jack's (already) strengths, and some of those you might consider weaknesses are just 'being 2'!!!--he will learn from his recklessness by consequences!

Hope ya'll are ALL having a SUPER DAY 'down there', TODAY!!! LOVE YOU ALL! Mom

Hal Johnson said...

What a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing this.

Bob Devlin said...

Nice post, Michael.

Happy Birthday to Jack.

FishrCutB8 said...

You live a blessed life, Michael. Even better, becasue you realize just how blessed you are...and by Whom.