Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Three more Jack quotes

He just keeps on dropping gems and I don't want to forget them. And remember, he's only two years old. Comedic wunderkind?

#1 -- Self-control

Setting: Samantha had a big temper tantrum before getting in the van for a trip on Sunday. Screaming, stomping.. the whole nine yards. A few minutes later she came back to the van where Jack was already buckled into his seat and waiting. He looked at his big sister and said:

Jack: "So, did you get yourself together yet?"

#2 -- Undies

Setting: I walked into Jack's bedroom this morning after my shower. I was only wearing boxer shorts:

Jack: "What are you wearing, daddy?"
Me: "What do you think I'm wearing?"
Jack: (thinking...) "Just one panty?"

#3 -- Tengo queso en mis pantalones

Setting: Jack was on the potty this morning. We're on day #3 of potty training, and it's going OK but boys seem to take longer than girls. Jack was in a foul mood:

Jack: "I'm scared, mommy!"
Mom: "What are you scared of?"
Jack: "The ribbit frogs! Do they live in my heart?"
Mom: "No, who lives in your heart?"
Jack: "I don't know."
Mom: "God?"
Jack: "Yeah, that's it. God."
Jack: "So who lives in my pants?"


Don R said...

If you don't write these down, you're gonna hate yourself later!

MamaRose said...

So, WHAT'S 'THE ANSWER', Mom--'WHO LIVES IN HIS PANTS'????????!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the FIRST one--I bet Miss Samantha felt like SHE was the 'child' & Jack was her 'parent' by his asking her that--that way--PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

SO GLAD you put them on your blog & now will REMEMBER THEM to be able to TELL them to both your kiddos when they're old enough to understand JUST HOW SMART they are/were when they were SO YOUNG!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom

hard.rox said...

Gotta love kids.

Arden had one this evening and if it wasn't for your post, I would have forgotten it. Here's a recap

Background: Show-n-tell day at pre-school and Arden took her pink notepad she calls her diary. I'm washing her hair in the tub...
Me: So what did you take to show-n-tell today
Arden: My diary. It's another name for poop.
Me: No it's not!
A: Yah-ha. It's when you poop and tinkle at the same time.
Me: That's diarrhea, sweetie. Diarrhea.
A: Oh.

Redlefty said...

I don't know who lives in his pants. And I don't wanna know!

And Greg, your post was funnier than any of mine!

Orangehouse said...

Ha! I loved the quotes. The other day my seven-year-old was helping me burn an old tree stump. He thought it was lots of fun, apparently. After a while he laid down on the grass and said to himself "Ah, good times, good times". I just laughed at that. I have no idea where he picked it up.

Mike said...

If he lives with an all-female family like I do, he's going to need to learn how to keep that first one to himself.

Bob Devlin said...

Funny stuff. Jack's becoming quite the comedian.

Sal Thorn said...

Oh man, these quotes were AWESOME! Thanks for brightening up my day. I love kids!