Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Everyday funnies

Life is weird. While most days are fairly normal for me, sometimes I accidently wander into the Twilight Zone. Here are a few things that have happened this week (including the obligatory Samantha quote):

--Yesterday I bought a sausage/egg biscuit in the deli of our office building. The small asian lady who works there made the biscuit, then went to the cash register to ring it up. After pushing several buttons, she dramatically hit the "Total" button and I looked at the digital readout to see the price. It was $27.10. For a biscuit. She looked at me with sort of a "how 'bout that" face, and I just looked right back at her. She finally smiled and said, "See? It's cheap!", and had a good laugh. I offered her two dollars and she took it. If only my car haggling skills were this good, I'd be saving huge money in a couple of weeks when we buy a minivan.

--I was in the office restroom today (don't worry, no gross details). Another guy walks in, so I give the polite cough from the stall to let him know he's not alone. He does his business, then goes to wash his hands. As he is putting the paper towel in the trash, he sighs and says, "Life is bad." Then he walks out and leaves. I never saw him and have no idea who it was.

--Samantha was upstairs, and I was downstairs. She went to the landing and yelled out, "Daddy, I need to go potty!". I asked her if she needed any help. Her answer? "No, Daddy... it's no use."

--Today at school (technically, "Mother's Day Out") Samantha got to see a real-live fire truck. I asked her about it when I got home from work. Her eyes got really big and she said, "Yeeeeahhh, Daddy! It was big! I didn't drove it, but I rode on it." Her tone clearly implied that although she didn't "drove" it today, that was simply a one-time exception and it will surely be her time to drove next time the fire truck comes to school.

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