Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The power of communion

I wrote this tonight, thinking it might be useful in a church bulletin or handout. Might as well double-dip and include it here too. :)

“In Remembrance of Me”

Of all things Jesus could have asked his disciples to do in that upper room, of all the acts he could have instituted that would be followed by billions throughout the centuries, he chose this: for us to remember him. The Lord’s Supper is still practiced by millions of Christians today, and the words “Do This in Remembrance of Me” likely appear on thousands of communion tables around the world. Yet what was Jesus asking exactly? Was he making sure we didn’t forget him?

We haven’t forgotten Moses, Elijah, or even Noah, and they all lived long before Jesus. I believe Jesus wanted much more than just to avoid being forgotten. His plan is for this memory of Him to humble, focus and inspire all those who take the name Christian.

Even our 21st Century American culture understands this concept. How about the phrase, “Remember the Alamo?” Or the recent movie, “Remember the Titans?” Do Texans say “Remember the Alamo” to keep forgetfulness at bay, or do they say it to inspire courage in the face of incredible odds? And we remember the Titans high school football team for their ability to see beyond racial and cultural barriers. These memories lift us up, warm our hearts, and encourage us to become better human beings.

The memory of Jesus does the same, and on an even greater scale! For here is the One who faced the greatest challenges, yet emerged victorious. Here is the One who demolished all racial, cultural and national barriers with a final sacrifice that makes salvation available to every soul on the planet. This memory changes our hearts, makes us “mount up with wings like eagles”, and helps us “run and not grow weary.”

Are you ready to be humbled, re-focused and inspired? Then take the bread and the fruit of the vine on Sunday, and let the memory of Christ transform your heart.

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