Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Holy eyelids!

Took the family to Sea World in San Antonio for a four-day weekend -- had an incredible time! Soon I'll post pictures and a recap, but not yet due to technical difficulties.

You see, my business laptop had been acting up over the past couple of weeks, and finally died completely. So with some work both before and after my mini-vacation, I'm now up and running with a new computer. It will still take a while to get all my old settings and programs restored, and even longer to catch up on my office backlog from the downtime, but at least I can work (and blog) again.

Instead of the vacation recap, then, here's some news from the world of LASIK. I had the surgery back in December and have had 20/15 or better vision in my right eye ever since. Unfortunately, the left eye has been so dry that the doctor said "it's like you're looking through two layers of wax paper". Not exactly crystal clear.

They have a scale to measure eye dryness. It goes from 0 (nice and moist) to 4 (wax paper). I was a 4 one month post-op, and a 3 two months post-op. Now I'm around a 2, and they have finally figured out the reason for my relatively slow progress -- I have an extra puncta.

No, it's not something I can sell on eBay. Puncta are drainage holes for tears, located on the inner half of the eye. There's usually one on the upper eyelid, and one on the lower. I have two on the lower, which is generally thought to be the one that drains more anyway (due to gravity pulling tears to the lower eyelid).

The doctor kinda freaked out when he found it (then he put plugs in both holes... that was pleasant). He said not only has he never seen an extra punctum before, but he's never even heard of it or read of similar cases. Of course, when I got home I immediately searched the internet and found a picture of someone else with the same "thing" (I'm not sure whether to call it a mutation, anomaly or feature). The picture is below.

To harken back to my recent post about Moses, I have finally found my special purpose (just like Navin Johnson... obscure movie reference). I was born to drain tears like nobody's business and get rid of that moisture ASAP. Maybe that's why I always chose washing windows as a child when it came time to allocate chores.

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Anonymous said...

I TOLD you you were/ARE UNIQUE!!!
And, a GREAT 'Window-washer' you turned into, TOO!! THANKS for all our CLEAN windows & mirrors in the past. LOVE YOU!!! Mom

FishrCutB8 said...

You're such a freak...

At least you didn't get Marty Feldman Eyes (obscure musical reference)...

Hope all is GREAT with you.

Redlefty said...

Wow, Marty Feldman Eyes... I'm thinking that's some sort of combo between Young Frankenstein and Kim Carnes.

And I'M the freak???