Thursday, July 19, 2007

Later taters!

It's vacation time! My family, including parents, grandaparents, aunt/uncle, cousins, friends, etc... has taken a week's vacation together every summer for 30 years. It's one of our cherished family traditions.

If you've been reading here a while, you may recall that last year's vacation was... dangerous. Five, count 'em, five family members were seen in the Emergency Room throughout the week. And that doesn't count my broken toe or the van's flat tire. The whole week was something out of National Lampoon's.

On that note, here's a crazy video for you, and a sample of a totally bizare combination of things. The famous "Holiday Road" song from the National Lampoon's Vacation movies was written and performed by Lindsey Buckingham, formerly of Fleetwood Mac. He's one of my favorite musicians, and the National Lampoon's Vacation movies are also among my favorite movies. So the music video for the song must be awesome, right?

Ha. Feel free to spend two and a half minutes of your life watching this insanity. If you find a single way that the video connects to the song's lyrics, please clue me in by leaving a comment.

It's like M. Night Shyamalan, George Lucas and Michael Bay formed a craptacular directing superpower to make this thing:


Hal Johnson said...

Michael, I hope your vacation this year is less, er, eventful. Have fun.

MamaRose said...

I REMEMBER that video & NEVER could figure out WHAT it had to do with a "HOLIDAY", unless WHILE he's AT WORK, he's DREAMING about a Holiday--MAYBE?????

And, YOUR funny pictures were kinda SIMILAR--HA!!!!!!!!!!

SO SORRY about Jamie's BRONCHITIS--YIKES--she THOUGHT she was REALLY SICK, so I was NOT going to say she WASN'T!!!!! Too bad she didn't get diagnosed CORRECTLY at that place, MAYBE they would have at 'OUR' ER!!!!!

Hope she's already FEELING BETTER--but, I think it TAKES A WHILE to get 'all well' after that!!! LOVE YA'LL, Mom