Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vacation recap, part 1

We had such a good time at Osage Beach, Missouri, that it will take two whole updates to recap it all. Part of the reason is that it was our first trip with a new digital camera, so we took lots of pics. I'll get right to it:

First we got in the family van and prepared for the 14-hour drive

As we drove through Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, the road signs got weirder and weirder:

We also had to learn the local dialect

Missouri is a beautiful state, so we made sure to take time and enjoy nature

We were a little concerned about having two 2-year-old boys, a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old all in the same house for a week. But everybody did great and we had no broken bones, exploded appliances or exotic diseases.

I even got to play board games and video games throughout the week.

I got up really early one morning to play golf with my brother and my dad. Little Jack had trouble sleeping at night so I started out pretty tired, but once the coffee kicked in I played up to my potential. I had the high score... so I win, right?

Here's a picture of my brother bowling during vacation. He's really good. One time he scored a 137. With no bumpers.

The lakehouse had cable TV, which we don't get at home, so it was pretty interesting seeing all those new channels. I learned a lot about the world.

Finally, considering that we stayed on a lake, we of course went boating and tubing. I won the record for fastest wipout, but Whiskers got the most hang time. It's not really fair, though, since she weighs only 9 pounds.

And that was our trip. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to go again next year!

(Check back in a couple days for part 2. It might even have real pictures.)


Megoblocks said...

Ha! I really love the Drink Coffee image.

James W said...

You need help! :) Glad you guys had fun.

~aj~ said...

Funny, funny boy. :)

The photo of "your brother" is uncanny in its similarities.

With the pics from your new, fancy camera I'm betting Part 2 is going to be even better! Looking forward to it!

hard.rox said...

Welcome back!! I was beginning to wonder what happened to you folks. Who would have thought Missouri could be so much fun?!

MamaRose said...

Yeah, like AJ, I thought that picture of 'your brother' was QUITE FUNNY!--although, he USED to bowl pretty good--was even in a League WITH YOU, right???!!!!!!!
Talk about the 'old' days!!!!!!!!