Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things making me laugh

-- The people at the "Festival of Lights" on Saturday night, taking pictures with the flash on. Those are gonna turn out great.

--The 5-pound tub of animal crackers, with the phrase "Low-Fat!" in big red letters on the front of the tub. As if low-fat means healthy. I'm pretty sure this is how you make animal crackers:

1. Start with white flour, made with wheat and corn stripped of all nutrients and fiber, then bleached and infused with chemical leavening mixes.
2. Add sugar, a little shortening, salt and a hint of lemon.
3. Cut into cute animal shapes and cook.
4. Insert into 5-pound tub. Voila! A healthy snack!

Besides shortening, there's not a single ingredient that would have any fat content. But that doesn't make it healthy. And it does make me laugh while I enjoy them in small doses.

--The way Jack stands on his tip-toes when he gets excited.

--The brand new turbo Porsche Cayenne fighting for a parking spot at Ikea on Saturday while we were buying Samantha's new bed. I guess if you save lots of money by purchasing $29 end tables for your house, you can then afford a $90,000 automobile?

--The videos that the kids have been asking for on "Daddy's computer". And the fact that three of them are commercials. See below for the videos:


MamaRose said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED the commercials--that Kool-Aid one I DO remember from when I WAS A LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, that tennis ball/phone one--FUNNY!!
Course, Dad liked the FARTING one!!

And, I try NOT to think about the LARD that's in those CUTE & VERY TASTY Animal Crackers--thank you!
LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom

hard.rox said...

I think I saw the same tub of animal crackers at BJ's on Sunday. Mmmmmm....lard.