Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 1 and the 99

I had a follow-up post started on the evolution panel, but it will need to wait a bit.

Our new puppy Z snuck out this afternoon and we haven't been able to locate him. Some kids in a nearby apartment complex said he came through there and they played with him for a while, but then he ran off.

Hopefully he's just in somebody's home right now and either they'll see our upcoming flyers, or they'll take him to a vet or shelter where his microchip will be scanned and they'll call us.

Hopefully he's in somebody's home. The low tonight is in the 30s.

I know more fully what it means now to do all you can to find that one lost sheep.

EDIT: A sweet young couple about a mile away found Z tonight and posted on Craigslist, just minutes before my own posting went live. I got many emails from people saying, "Oh my gosh! This is so awesome -- check the website! Somebody found your puppy!" Our postings were literally on top of each other, with one titled "Lost" and the other titled "Found".

Guess it goes to show you, at any given time, if you're wondering whether you're lost or you're found, you might actually be both.


Debby said...

Oh, how awful. Praying for your entire family including Mo and Z.

RedWifey said...

Michael had the beautiful idea (I thought it was idiotic) to post on Craig's list about Z. And within a minute of posting another lady posted "Found: Black Schnauzer" and it was our Z.

He's out getting our Z now.

Thanks for the prayers, it's been a rough 2 hours.

p.s. Great idea, Michael. I was wrong and you were right!

~aj~ said...

Wow, that gave me chills.

I NEVER would have thought of Craigslist. Brilliant!

Mugsy was "lost" for 5 days when he was about a year old. It was a horrible, horrible 5 days.

So glad Z is safe and warm back at home. I'm sure he'll get lots of snuggles tonight!

Hal Johnson said...

How wonderful that you found Z. We went through a similar experience with our half Chihuahua/half Mini Dobie a few years ago, only it took three days before the happy ending came. That was a long three days.

Craig's List? Geez, I've been checking Craig's List every day, looking for a set of PowerBlocks or Ironmasters, it would have never occurred to me to use it for a lost animal.

Michael: Your wife wrote "I was wrong and you were right!" in a public forum? Whoa man, hold on to her!

Heh heh. Sorry.

t.k.foster said...

Well I missed the suspense, but glad it worked out.

Debby said...

I love a happy ending! Hal's right. You need to hang on to Redwifey. Craigslist?!!! It would not have occured to me. Redwifey, you might want to hang on to Redlefty. He seems quite useful. For a clown and all.

RedWifey said...

That Redlefty, he certainly has a skill set I don't!

Lovin' ya today, Mister.

rodolfo said...

Good to hear about the pup.

Hey thanks for referring that speaker. I wasn't expecting it to be so powerful in the end. Wow!

Redlefty said...

Thanks gang -- we're all relieved for sure!

Now I gotta get back to our previously scheduled program.

MamaRose said...

THIS IS THE FIRST I've heard about ANY OF THIS & I'm SO GLAD it's ALREADY OVER & Z was/has been FOUND--WHAT A WONDERFUL thing!!!!!--to be FOUND & what an AWFUL thing--to be LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO VERY GLAD & HAPPY for you all that this turned out SO WELL & SO QUICKLY, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are LOTS of 'good' people 'out there--THANK GOD!!!!!!
LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RoRo

The Scotts said...

So glad your dog is ok! Have gone through that myself and unfortunately just had to wait it out, and it was a LONG wait. Glad you guys found him quickly!

~aj~ said...

You've been tagged over on my blog. Only do it if you want to. :)