Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here we go again...

Do you have those parts of yourself that you don't like, and then you see those parts resurface time and again and it ticks you off every time it happens? And you can't believe you still have that same old thorn in your flesh after all these previous lessons?

So here I go again. I promised two more blog posts on the economy, even though earlier this year I promised to quit promising stuff. Because life changes, things get in the way, the muse passes and then I can no longer write what was on the tip of my tongue just days before.

My whole family got a stomach illness last week, starting with Jack on Monday and ending with Samantha on Friday. I'm woefully behind at work and scrambling to put together bible lessons for church. I'm pretty much in survival mode.

I still have the knowledge that would have enabled me to write my planned postings on the economy, but for me to get it in writing takes timing, inspiration and something mysterious that just says, "it's time". And right now those things aren't there.

For those of you I speak with on the phone or see in person from time to time, I'd be happy to talk you through any economic stuff you're curious about. But for now my writing on the topic is closing.

I would promise to quit promising stuff, but something tells me I'd regret that later!


Don said...

No problem.....Hope everyone is on the mend.

Bob said...

Don't sweat it, man.

"All you can do is all you can do."
Lou Holtz

Debby said...

Believe it or not, Redlefty, these days are going to strike you as hilarious later on. The stomach flu is not funny stuff until way down the road. Like the time three of my children succumbed to chicken pox at the same time. That's really funny now, nearly 20 years after the fact....

Bob said...

We were supposed to go on a weekend trip with some other couples in 1992. Our middle child came down with chicken pox and we had to stay home with her. She had a really bad case, was miserable and slept intermittently. We were of course exhausted. But it was one of those tender times as a couple where we really worked as a team and loved each other through the process. Nine months later David was born. He was almost named Chicken Pox.

Debby said...

LOL, Bob. Guess I was lucky that my mate was on a business trip and I was left on my own. With three kids. Did I mention the chicken pox? Or the clogged drain which leaked into the basement? And the ceiling fell into about two inches of water. And the chicken pox... Dear heavens, I thought that I would lose my mind.

Redlefty: a cautionary tale, my friend. Careful about the tender teamwork thing.

~aj~ said...

Everyone has their own priorities. And for what it's worth, I think yours are in just the right order.

Hope everyone is feeling much better this week!

MamaRose said...

Well, IF 'this' is a GENE or something, it's FROM ME--sorry--I 'do' the SAME thing--THINK, like in bed at night, WHAT I WILL write to someone or in my blog, even, and then, once I've thought it all through I USUALLY end up NOT writing ANYTHING to ANYONE!!!!!!!!

Don't know if 'this' is part of our 'procrastination CURSE' or not!

But, anyway, just wanted you to know that YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE 'suffering' from 'this'!!!!!!!

Maybe once our minds 'solve' something/think a thing through, that's ALL that really NEEDS to be DONE, MAYBE.........

SO SORRY about the stomach bug EVERYONE in your family eventually got--I'd rather do ANYTHING than THROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I can even REMEMBER the LAST time I did--a couple of Christmases ago--THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

SO GLAD you're ALL BETTER, now!!!!!
LOVE & MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! Mom