Thursday, October 23, 2008

Z is for... Z?

There is a rumor out there that we have another puppy dog. The rumor is true.

A few months ago we were petless, and then along came Mo the Miniature Schnauzer to add a new dimension to the family. After the weeklong evacuation due to Hurricane Ike, we discovered that Mo was, deep in his heart, a pack animal. He needed a brother.

As a refresher, here's Mo -- 18 months old and 16 pounds:

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And here's his new little brother, Z -- 10 months old and 12 pounds:

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I admit that we're weird with names. We have two dogs and a total of three letters in their names! But the theme was consistent -- a shortened and warped version of an Old Testament biblical character.

Mo is short for Moses, because he was so extremely shy when we met him. He was rescued from an abusive puppy farm when he was four months old and still bore the emotional scars. He needed a buddy to make him more secure, just like Moses needed Aaron.

Z is short for Ezekiel, the prophet who left his home at a young age to move to Babylon, just like this doggy left his foster home to come to us. But that's where the metaphor breaks down... you see, Ezekiel was being joined to his people in exile. Hopefully my family isn't in exile. And in one of Ezekiel's first visions, an angel instructs him to eat a scroll.

Unfortunately, Z has already shredded a children's book or two around here. Maybe our naming is prescient after all!

We should've named him JC. Then he'd behave. At least until we played Monopoly on a Sunday and then he'd probably overturn the game pieces and growl at us.

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~aj~ said...

This is the post I've been waiting for, thank you very much. :)

Z is a cutie...just like Mo. Can't wait until we can make a visit to come see your family of 6!

Debby said...

They look like happy fellows. Your wife looks happy too, and very lovely.

James W said...

Pretty cool on the naming thing!

Don said...

Well,here we go again!! We had a mini-Schnauzer, Wolfy, silver, just like Mo. When my wife moved to Spring, my son, who lived with her got a mini-S, Sawyer, black/white. Man, we gotta quit this stuff!!

Mary Paddock said...

Charming dogs, Red. 'Hope you plan to go for lots and lots of walks. :)

We're kind of weird around here too. I like philosopher's names so among our population of creatures we have a tom cat named Diogenes and a German Shepherd named Solomon.

Hal Johnson said...

Man, those two are cute little rascals.

Redlefty said...

AJ, you can't tease us like that. Schedule a trip already! :)

Debby, thank you. I married well and am admittedly attracted to "lovely".

Don, you're freaking me out, man. We've gone way beyond neat coincidences. You and James both appear to be twins... er, triplets, I mean, with me.

Mary, thanks for dropping by! We vacation every summer in the Ozarks and love that part of the country. James (previous commenter) used to live close to there as well.

MamaRose said...

THANKS SO MUCH for showing us 'Z'--I've been WANTING/WONDERING to see him/what he LOOKS like!!!!!!!!!

He looks VERY 'active' & HAPPY!!!!
Why wouldn't he be?????!!!!!!!!!!!
Getting to JOIN a GREAT FAMILY with another doggie, already!!!!!!
I bet Mo is THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Z have one brown eye & one blue eye????? I just looked like it in that picture/just wondering.
LOVE YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom