Friday, May 11, 2007

Calendar weirdness

I have one of those daily calendars in my office, and it's some sort of theme of "Tips for Life" or something. Most of them are OK, some are really good. Others can be categorized as "things that make you go hmmmm."

Here are a couple of recent samples:


Focus on What Really Matters to You

"There is no point in competing in a game that you do not really care to win. Don't allow your life and expectations to become anything but deeply personal reflections of what matters the most to you."

My take: Relevant and useful. Me likey.


Wipe, Don't Blow

"Wiping your nose is something you were supposed to outgrow as a child. You were probably encouraged from a young age to blow your nose instead. But there is no scientific reason to avoid wiping your nose, and there are good reasons to avoid blowing it."

My take: Say what? Don't give me no jibba jabba! Can the scientists in the room please wisdomicate me on the folly of nose blowing? I've gone all my life as a vigorous nose blower. No dainty wiping, no snorting it back up inside. I get that junk OUT... but at what cost? Will I suffer from premature aging, itchy earlobes or excessive flatulation (too late)?

If it's just a matter of etiquette, then I got a big 'ole tissue full of RedSnotty for whomever wrote that "Tip for Life". Welcome to America.

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