Friday, May 18, 2007

Four kids

No, all four kids aren't mine. We've got two, and it's gonna stay that way for a while. No interest yet in Jamie and I being outnumbered by our own kids. It's a tough enough matchup when it's 2-on-2.

This is a quick weekly update of four kids in my family:

#1 Samantha

New word of the week -- "Electrivvity". Her school lost power yesterday when a transformer blew, so everyone was talking about the electricity being out. She listened to all the conversations and said the word as closely as she could. Electrivvity.

#2 -- Jack

New word of the week -- "Bozodolder". Jack's name for what is commonly referred to as a "bulldozer". He has a book about Billy the bulldozer, and although he's had it for over a year it has suddenly become a favorite. He picks it up, brings it over to me and says, "Billy da bozodolder. To read?". Irresistable.

#3 -- Adam

My nephew in Arkansas, Adam is a fun 2-year-old who looooooves John Deere equipment. I mean like, he loves 'em. If John Deere was a woman, he'd move to a third-world country with her so that they could get married before the US-legal age. If John Deere was an expensive piece of time-keeping technology, he would keep it... safe... if he was ever detained in a POW camp (movie reference for the Hollywood buffs out there). You get the point.

Anyway, he also knows the names of all kinds of farm and construction equipment -- tractors, combines, front loaders, cranes, and diggers. Except he pronounces diggers as "diggas". One time he actually went outside to play and said, "Hi, my diggas!".

Here's a recent picture:

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Andie Nicole

Andie is my newborn... she's my cousin's daughter, so I'm not exactly sure what that makes her. First cousin, once removed? I was always terrible at figuring out that stuff.

My cousin is a great athlete, and her husband is a big man -- wouldn't surprise me if he was a good football player in high school. Their baby was getting so big that the doctor decided to do a C-section two weeks early. Then, later on, they moved the date up again, at least another week.

Five days ago Andie made her appearance, nearly a month early and weighing in at 10 pounds, 9 ounces. Whoooooooaaa, Nellie. I can't imagine how much fun that would've been for my cousin to wait a few more weeks and then have the baby.

For comparion, four and a half years ago Samantha was a month early and weighed over 7 pounds. The nurses were very impressed and said, "She probably would have been a 10-pounder by the due date!" Andie was already a 10-pounder weeks before the date! Hopefully this means she'll be ahead of the game in her eating ability and her sleeping length.

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Later, dudes -- my parents are in town this weekend and I'm ready to have some fun!


Bob Devlin said...

Whoa, 10lb 9oz. Chris was 10lb 8oz so I know about that size. It's a workout just hauling them around.

Kids words are great. When Scott was about 2 he loved everything about being a fireman and used to say "beado appity" We could never figure out what it meant until we saw some fireman on the street and he pointed to their air tanks. Turns out he meant "breating apparatus".

Enjoy your weekend.

~aj~ said...

I'm lovin this post!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Hal Johnson said...

Whoa Nellie indeed! Do I see a career as a pro basketball player ahead?

gobbla said...

pulp fiction

MamaRose said...

Aren't kiddos GRAND????!!!!! And, especially the younger ones in OUR FAMILY!!! THANK GOD for them!!!!
LOVE YOU--and, we had a GREAT TIME visiting you this past weekend & catching up, etc.!!! Mom

Redlefty said...

Gobbla wins the toaster!