Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don't know if we're on the mend, but we're definitely at the end

Jack's fever remains, but it hasn't gone over 102 since Monday. Jamie and I have made an executive decision: no more doctor's visits unless:

  1. The doctors have a plan for new tests or approaches, instead of running the same tests for the eighth time and looking for trends that aren't there
  2. Jack's fever goes to 103 or higher, in which case we will probably just admit him to the hospital until this gets figured out

Our family just has no more energy or patience for this futile process of diagnosis. We've watched our son be poked, prodded and catheterized multiple times over the past two months and we are still completely lacking in even a hint of a diagnosis or solution. So their turn is over -- we're going to give Jack's body a chance to beat this bug on its own. We told the doctors this today and they understood and said they felt comfortable with this plan.

Also, here's an update on my other family members:

  • Jamie's father was admitted to the hospital today with severe abdominal pain. He's pretty sure it's a gall bladder attack, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had surgery tomorrow. He lives three doors down from us, so we will be able to help him and Jamie's mom if he's homebound for a while.
  • My grandfather had a recurrent bout of pneumonia and the doctors think they discovered a root cause -- hiatal hernia. He had some internal bleeding but it has stopped, and the hernia is not even the kind they need to operate on. It should heal with time and medicine, and hopefully that will stop the chronic pneumonia that has slammed him for most of the year.
  • My mom's recurrent bout of bronchitis seems to be clearing up. She was experiencing a constant cough and some lethargy but all symptoms are improving.

That's about it on the health front right now. Jamie and I are obviously dealing with some tiredness, but other than that we're healthy, and grateful.

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