Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Quick update

Jack still has fever, usually around 100.2 or 100.6 degrees. There's been no noticeable change since he started the antiobiotics a week ago, but the doctors want to finish the 14-day round of medicine before going back to the drawing board.

I've still got tons of blog ideas in my head, but no time or energy for them at the moment. Thanks for your support in Jack's situation -- we just really want the little guy to feel good for a change.

By the way, two people out there owe me something, and it's time to collect!

1) Uncle Bob, please send me the link to your friend's blog. He sounds like a true renaissance man.

2) Dad, I need that link to the website for downloading the audio files of your chorale practice.


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hardrox said...

Sorry to hear the little guy is still generating more BTU's than required. He certainly looks happy in the picture, though. Hopefully the doc's are putting on their thinking caps while Jack finishes this round of meds.

Bob Devlin said...

Boy, you have some cute kids. Still sending good thoughts your way for jack.