Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We're poorer, tireder, and just as clueless

Jamie took Jack to Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) this afternoon for his tests. He had a chest X-ray, which showed nothing helpful. He also had three new blood tests done, which showed only elevated white blood cell count, something we already knew from the three CBC tests last week.

Next step is an appointment with the Infectious Diseases (ID) unit at TCH. It will either be on Friday or next Tuesday, so obviously we are pushing hard for Friday.

Jack's fever was 101 again tonight before bed, but he was sweet as always. I just want the little guy to be well. Last night I brought up the idea that maybe our digitial thermometer was off, because every time he was in the doctor's office his temperature was normal. Jamie looked at me and said, "Fine then, YOU try it out." Did I mention it's a rectal thermometer? I gladly tried it anyway and it read my temp as normal. I would've tested 500 of those contraptions last night if it would take Jack's sickness away. And still none of this explains the high count of white blood cells... he's clearly fighting some kind of infection.

And so we press on, praying, loving each other and trying not to panic. In the meantime at least we're getting to learn lots of new acronyms. Since we had three CBCs last week, I figure the ID at TCH won't do another on Friday, although they did do a CRP today ASAP which came out A-OK.

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